RPA Pathfinder Institute was founded by Dr. Leigh J. Mack to fulfill the shortage of Blue Prism developers and architects.  Dr. Mack, experienced the shortage of developers first hand with Kavingali, Corp.   In growing the company Blue Prism developers were very difficult to find in the US.  The only viable options were in India.  

With the industry projected to grow at a rate of 20% per year through 2025, Dr. Mack spoke with other CEOs of Blue Prism RPA companies and found they had a real challenge finding qualified developers.  The solution to the problem was growing and training our own developers for Kavingali, Corp.  However, after speaking with other companies, he realized we could use our training program for the public and offer training opportunities on a larger scale to not only Casper and Wyoming but the US.

Or process, gives a person both online and remote live training over months in order to let the material digest and give the student time to learn at a moderate pace.  The commitment is spread over months in order to still keep a full-time job while training.  We feel that this combination is the best method to provide the best preparation for the certification exam.

Leigh J. Mack, MD, PD
Founder and Managing Partner

Dr. Mack is a graduate of USAT Montserrat and completed post-grad training at University of Oxford.  He is the CEO of Kavingali, Corp., On the Board for CureAHC (rare disease non-profit), Chief Medical officer for Crucial Data Solutions, and is an Area Commodore for Sea Scouts.

Anthony Camargo, MSc. Chief Instructor

Anthony, has taught RPA as well as is employed in the Industry as an RPA Architect.  He holds the following certifications: Blue Prism Certificates:
Developer – AD01
Professional Developer - APD01
Solution Designer - ASD01
ROM Architect - ARA01
Installation Engineer (Version 5.0) - AIE01
Installation Engineer (Version 6.0) - AIE02
Technical Architect (Version 5.0) - ATA01
Technical Architect (Version 6.0) - ATA02

Jinna Stroud

Jinna has experience in both the healthcare (CNA) and oilfield industries and holds an Associates Degree in Healthcare from Casper College. She manages all administration of the programs and day to day operations.